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Locally owned and operated by the Unity team

Opened in 2022 by Robert and Arielle Ashford, The Volstead is the latest in a series of social enterprise concepts in the Unity Family.

Bringing together the love for community investment, recovery-friendly workplaces, and great food - the Volstead is a 100% vegan full-service restaurant that employs those in recovery and returning from incarceration. We focus on seasonal and sustainable foods, zero alcohol drinks, and paying our team a living wage. We believe that community is the most important thing we have and we need to support each other.


The Vosltead by Unity Founded.


Team Members Supported By Unity Concepts.

Vegan Plates + Zero Proof Libations


We deliver exceptional, 100% vegan plates that help us do our part to promote long-term ecosystem sustainability.


Whether you identify as in recovery or sober-curious, our libations leave you feeling great in the morning.


Locally owned and operated, we invest in paying a living wage and employing those in recovery and returning from incarceration.

Social Investment

Our staff make a living wage - our prices may be higher, but so is our investment in our neighbors.

Seasonal Menu | Fresh Variations

Our menu is always 100% vegan and often varies slightly based on seasonality of produce and fruits.

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For Yourself


Zero Proof Libations

Our location


Come visit us on historic main street.

4371 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about what we do, how we do it, and get answers to your most frequent questions! Something not answered? Drop us an email or DM on instagram.

COVID-19 Safety

1Do you require masks and vaccines?
In accordance with the City of Philadelphia (and general public health practices), we do not currently require guests to wear masks or present proof of vaccination. Please note, that if Philadelphia or CDC guidance changes in the future, we reserve the right to require masks when traveling through our indoor areas and to be fully vaccinated - including boosters if eligible - to dine with us in main dining or visit us at the zero proof bar.
2How do you approach sanitizing?
We sanitize all guest seating and tables, as well as high contact surfaces, on a constant basis using FDA-approved sanitizers and cleaning solutions. We also have hand sanitizer and solutions for guests upon request and available in our bathrooms.
3Is your seating capacity currently limited?
We are happy to seat parties up to a maximum of 8 individuals at this time. This includes all seating inside and outside. Physical distancing is not required inside or outside.
4Are your staff vaccinated?
All of our staff are fully vaccinated (including eligible boosters) and we keep a copy of all records in accordance with health department recommendations.

Dining and Our Food

1Do you accept reservations?
We accept reservations through the Resy platform for all main dining tables. We can seat parties up to 8. Seating in the zero proof bar and outside is currently first come, first served. Reservation blocks are released and available to book 28 days in the future at any given time.
2Do you offer delivery and take out?
Our full menu is available on Grub Hub and Doordash, as well as through the Toast Take Out app and here on our website. Guests can order for pickup or delivery (please note that delivery is provided by third parties, so depending on demand, food may need to be reheated upon arrival - we recommend transferring your dishes to an over safe dish and heating up for 5 minutes on high broil setting). All food is packaged in eco-friendly compostable containers (even the silverware). Take out can also be ordered in store by speaking to our staff at the main bar or at the pick up window to the right of the main entrance.
3Is everything really vegan?
100% of our menu (including all zero proof cocktails) is 100% vegan. Most items are also gluten free. We order our food from a variety of locally and regionally sourced vendors to ensure a high quality and seasonality.
4Can I dine in the main bar area?
Guests are certainly welcome to eat at our zero proof bar, though seating is first come, first served and is limited.
5Do you offer outdoor seating?
We offer outdoor seating under our awning as well as at our streateries. Availability for outside seating is first come, first served at this time
6Do you offer catering?
We do! Please reach out to hello@volsteadzeroproof.com with details of your event and we'll create a custom catering package just for you.
7How do you handle food allergies?
We will do our absolute best to accomodate any allergies (gluten, nuts, etc) but it is important to note that we operate a small kitchen and the possibility of cross contamination exists due to the high volume of nut processing in the menu. Chef's will use new utensils and services when preparing food for guests with any allergy, but we urge caution if allergies are severe and life threatening. Please alert your server for an food allergy concerns prior to ordering.
8Can I make special requests or modifications to menu items?
We do not allow for special requests or modifications to our menu items, except when modifying for food allergies when possible. We encourage guests to try our food and libations as Chef intended for the best experience.

Zero Proof Libations

1Why zero proof?
We believe that everyone - whether they identify as in recovery, pregnant or nursing, sober curious, or just wanting something different - deserves to enjoy great flavors and experiences. As people in recovery ourselves, we love being able to support our health and still enjoy a great craft cocktail or non-alcoholic glass of wine with friends. With recent developments in zero proof and non-alcoholic spirits, it is now possible to enjoy the classics you love without sacrificing flavor or depth. tl;dr: we love supporting people who love focusing on their health and wellness and still want to have fun.
2Are all drinks actually alcohol free?
Many of our drinks are truly zero proof (they have no alcohol in them), but we do offer some that are considered non-alcoholic by FDA standards, which means they have less than 0.5% alcohol by volume - or about the same amount of alcohol in a ripe banana. Our non-alcoholic beers and wines, as well as a few craft cocktails, are non-alcoholic while everything else is truly zero proof.
3Is it safe for me if I am in recovery?
Just as recovery is a personal journey and choice, so is choosing to drink our craft cocktails and non-alcoholic beers + wine. The highest alcohol content in any of our drinks is less than 0.5% ABV (about the same amount as a ripe banana), which is considered non-alcoholic by FDA standards. However, the choice to drink even non-alcoholic drinks is deeply personal. While many individuals who identify as living in recovery enjoy our libations, they may not be for everyone. We encourage you to speak to your healthcare provider or your recovery support network if you have further questions or concerns.
4Is it safe for me if I am pregnant or nursing?
The highest alcohol content in any of our libations is less than 0.5% ABV (about the same amount as a ripe banana), which is considered non-alcoholic by FDA standards. However, the choice to drink even non-alcoholic drinks is deeply personal and should be made in consultation with your healthcare providers.
5Can I order zero proof cocktails, beer, or wine to go or for delivery?
Any of our zero proof libations can be taken to-go or purchased for delivery based on Pennsylvania State Law. Please note that we do require ID for purchase of any of our zero proof libations and limit purchases to customers aged 21 and up to promote responsible behavior.

Our Business

1Can you tell me more about your social mission?
The Volstead is one of our Unity concepts (along with Unity Recovery, Unity Yoga, Unity Taqueria, and Unity Java) and we are focused on investing in our commUNITY to make a difference. Primarily, we hire individuals who identify as in recovery or are returning from incarceration - and then pay them a living wage and focus on long term skills development to help them reach their goals. We also donate a portion of our profits back into community-based recovery supports and reentry services so we can help build the world we hope to live in. To date, we have hired and supported over 100 individuals and we are excited for your support so we can hire the next 100!
2Why don't you accept cash?
With the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, we want to provide the safest environment for our guests and staff to reduce community transmission. In addition, we focus on paying all staff a living wage (everyone in our restaurant makes at least $15 an hour), which is made possible in part by streamlining operations through the use of technology such as contactless payments.
3Do you pay your staff a living wage?
Our philosophy in business is that if we take care of our team, they will take care of our guests. As such, we do everything we can to create a positive and supportive environment for every team member at The Volstead. This starts by paying all staff a living wage - which means no staff makes less than $15 per hour (base hourly rates range from $10 - $25, with all staff getting service fee pass throughs with a focus on pay equity between front and back of house). Staff also have access to free supports, professional development, flexible time off, and benefits. This does mean our prices are perhaps a bit higher than you are used to, but we more than make up for it in experience, quality, and ethical business practices.
4Are you a full service establishment?
We absolutely are! We have a full front-of-house team including servers and bartenders (and on busy nights, hosts). Our staff can answer any questions you have on our menus or about our concept. We also offer options to order and pay at your table without front of house staff, using QR codes and your phone! Whichever way you choose to enjoy your time with us, we'll be here to help with any questions you have.
5Is there an automatic service charge on checks?
Our focus is on great service and high quality food and zero proof libations. To maintain that focus without distraction, all of our menu prices include gratuity built in and tipping is not required at the Volstead. We do encourage guests to leave additional gratuity for excellent service that exceeds your expectations.

Book a Reservation

You can book a reservation up to 28 days in advance (including today's date). All reservations are managed by Resy and can be made on our website, through the Resy smartphone app, or by calling the restaurant directly. Walk-ins are accepted, but limited to availability at any given time. Bar seating is always first come, first served.
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Bottle Shop @ The Volstead

We offer most of our zero proof spirits, nonalcoholic wines and beers, and pre-mixed zero proof cocktail cans for all guests (21 years and older) to purchase online for local delivery or at our main location on Main Street in Manayunk. The current bottle shop offerings can be viewed below on the "bottle shop" menu.

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